Fix Your Attitude, “Super” Mario!

Greetings to Mario Balotelli’s followers.  Over the years you’ve known your many as super, but afraid I have bad news. Your man is not super anymore instead he is everyone’s daily bread because of his stinking attitude, let alone his form on the field of play at the moment.

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The latest person to have done that was Antonio Conte, the Italy manager who claims “super” Mario will watch the 2016 Euro Finals on Television at home after Balotelli said he can’t wait to feature at the tournament. In reply, Conte said: “[He] can’t wait for what…to play in the European Championship or to watch on television?                               “

What is wrong with the player?

One will ask, but how can a talented player like Mario not be included in a tournament of this magnitude? The answer is simple my fellow readers, “ATTITUDE”. The boy has a bad attitude and with bad attitude comes bad results.

You can be talented but if you are not prepared to have the right attitude to help utilise your talent, you are like a car without gas. It is capable of taking you wherever you want to go, but does not have one most important thing, gas.

It might be too late for him

That has been the story of this talented creature. Well, who we are to judge? Who knows, maybe the boy will prove everyone wrong and somehow score himself a ticket to the Euros.

But in all fairness at a pace he is on right now, there is a huge possibility that his ticket might have just been snatched off his hands by one of his fellow countrymen.

 For his sake, he must hope it is not too late

But as they say, in every bad situation, there is always hope. For this pacey striker’s fans sake, they must hope and pray that it’s the case with his situation right now. Otherwise, he can kiss Paris and Euros goodbye.

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