Young star had LVG counting his lucky stars

Only the Gods can explain how on earth Louis Van Gaal is still a fan favourite at Old Trafford. Two weeks ago Manchester United fans wanted him booted out of the club. He was labelled a disaster after losing three games on a trot.

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Rashford saved Van Gaal’s backon

But guess what, a young star who was a late inclusion due to injury suffered by “misfiring” Anthony Martial, pulled a great performance against Danish Champions Midtjylland in the Europa League. That was the beginning of Mr Van Gaal’s escape from the angry fans. Marcus Rashford (18), proved to be the beginning of this unbelievable escape. Rashford went on to ensure the Dutchman’s fairy-tale continues when he bagged two against title contenders Arsenal. Shocking stuff!!

Football is a funny game

Have you ever wondered why they call the game of football the funny game? It is because of one simple reason, its unpredictability. You can have everything going your way, to a point where you start receiving credit that you don’t deserve, just like it happened with Louis Van Gaal.

However things can change in a split second. Luck runs out and you end up in the cold. Louis Van Gaal and Manchester United fans must not think the problems have been solved. As for Van Gaal, he must not think he is off the hook. This is a club with demanding fans and the way things have been going, their demands have definitely not been met all.

Luck was on the Manager’s side

But in all fairness, let us let the man enjoy his controversial luck. However he would be foolish to forget how things can get ugly at the Theatre of Dreams when spectators demands are not met. Now the biggest question remains, where to from here?

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2 thoughts on “Young star had LVG counting his lucky stars

  1. It was a shame to see Man united fall again yesterday… The proved to inexperienced to handle opponents after that red card.. Man united clearly ran out of steam and lacked all the fundamentals of what footballers could possess against opponents

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    1. Very true. As we saw how Liverpool responded when they went down to 10 man against Crystal Palace yesterday. They proved they have character of which is what lacking at man United at the moment. They go step forward and 2 steps backwards


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