Conte and Chelsea, match made in Heaven!

As much as Chelsea fans loved Mourinho, there was always an inner voice which had them asking all sorts of questions in their blue circles. Is he the man to bring in the youth? Does his style of football not perhaps leave Chelsea lagging behind the big boys? Does he not restrict the likes of Willian and Hazard when expecting them to perform defensive duties?

Lastly as much as he loved Chelsea, did his attitude not jeopardize the image of the club? It was not long before Jose was sacked due to poor results and losing the dressing room and with him publicly criticizing his players.

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Conte comes with a whole new dimension

Now in comes Conte, at the dawn of a new era. Chelsea fans know it is no longer about winning but rather about building a dynasty, which they have failed to do. A new stadium is to be built, meaning Chelsea will be competing revenue wise with the bigger clubs.Not only that but also a stage where Abramovich massive investments in the academy will start to reap in rewards. Loftus-Cheek, Solanke, Abraham, Musonda, Troare are all knocking at the door and with Jose gone they smell a chance. Conte is going to have to find a solution to all of these and yet maintain the clubs status as one of the best.

His record speaks for itself

That should not be a problem for the Italian, if anything is to judge with what he has done at Juventus. Pirlo praised Conte’s management style at Juventus, and unlike managers of old, Conte will have the advantage of walking into a Chelsea dressing room that is of no influence or rather of little from senior players.

Drogba is gone, so are Cech, Lampard and Cole too and with Terry on his way out. Conte will have the chance to impose his ideas without them being questioned by players of massive influence at the club. The beginning of a new era means the change of style. 

A new dimension at the Bridge

Far too long managers have walked into Chelsea and adopted the way things are done. Conte wants control and Abramovich realizes he has no choice but to give him that, just as he did with Mourinho. Chelsea should forget about having Conte long-term as he is not scared to walk out the door when his control as a manager is being limited by club officials.

He is capable of nurturing young talent

Conte is different, and judging by the manner in which this season is going, Chelsea need something different. Conte as manager will probably make use of the 5-2-2-1 or 3-5-2/5-3-2 formation. This is a typical Conte formation, and once fully implemented, as seen with Juventus it provides both numbers in attack and defense with him demanding full discipline.

With Loftus-Cheek regarded as the next “big thing” to come out of the Chelsea academy since the days of John Terry. Conte is going to have to nurture the boy and give him some time (something Jose failed to do). Loftus-Cheek possesses similar attribute as Pogba, young and well built.

Conte can groom him into a fine footballer, the same way he did with Pogba. It is going to be a challenge, but with an Italian manager at the helm, Chelsea is to be well guided. In June Conte will be out of a job and Chelsea will be out of a manager, therefore this should be indeed a match made in heaven.

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