Who said footballers can’t perform miracles?

By Sduduzo Masuku

Who said the unseen, the traditional healers, you name them, are the only ones who can perform miracles? Well, you got it all wrong; these days’ footballers can perform miracles too.

Image by Four Four Two Magazine

I know when I mention the words ‘football miracles’ you recall a couple of moments. The one when Messi pulled an unbelievable nutmeg against Athletic Club’s players in the Copa Del Rey Final. The other one was when Sergio Aguero scored a goal in the last second of the match to clinch the Barclays Premier League title for Manchester City in 2012, just to name a few.

Well, this time around it was not the two little Argentines, but rather their fellow countryman. It is amazing how these miracles are performed by the Argentines. Remember the moves Diego Maradona used to pull on the football pitch? We also witness the brilliance of Lionel Messi almost every weekend.

There is a new ‘football miracle’ performer in England

Watch out! There is a new Argentine ’miracle performer’ on block he goes by the name of Martin Demichelis. Unfortunately his miracles were not accepted by millions of fans across England and in Africa. The Manchester City defender did the unthinkable when the giant Manchester clubs met at Etihad this past weekend.

Demichelis ‘miracles’ took away all the dreams

He is the reason his club are in danger of losing out on the top four. His mistake resulted on the goal that was scored to separate the two Manchester giants. He is responsible for Joe Hart’s slim chances of making it to England’s Euro 2016 Final squad. His hospital back pass took Joe Hart straight to hospital.

To making the matters worse, the man suffered a huge humiliation

Lastly he suffered humiliation as he was taken off for a striker. You hardly see that happens in football, unless there is an injury concern. But it happened to Demichelis, that was just another miracle unfolding. Mind you, all this happened in a 90 minutes match.



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