The nation is tired of empty promises!

The word ‘building’ has become more like music to ears to many South Africans out there. Since February 2007 when Carlos Alberto Perreira took over from caretaker coach Pitso Mosimane, all that Bafana Bafana fans have been hearing is ‘building’.

the nation

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Fans want results to determine progress

Building comes with results. Anything that is built has to show the level of improvement. A foundation is improved by walls. Coming back to the national soccer team of South Africa, foundation is already there, the country has the material but the walls are not going up.

Yes, the country was under oppression and it is new to participating in the world stage. However that is no excuse. The country has the facilities and has one of the best leagues in Africa if not the best. The talent is there but it always seems to diminish at the big stage where it supposed to shine brighter.

Fans are tired of players who don’t give their all

Do you remember the last time Bafana Bafana participated in a big tournament without them being the hosts? I bet you don’t. Many are complaining about the selection of players in the squad. The truth is every single player called up to represent the nation is capable of delivering. It is only the question of how much are they willing to give.

Look at Cape Verde just to name a few. They are one of African countries with least population which means they do not have many players to choose from. But those that are chosen give their all. They are top of their group for Afcon finals. The issue is no longer about building, but it is now about who is willing to take the building into the next level. The nation is tired to have the foundation without walls.

Players need to do some soul searching

It is time for players to do some soul searching and decide on how to conquer this disease called big ‘stage fright’. The nation is getting impatient. It is time Rise and Shine Bafana Bafana!

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