Leicester City, A living testimony that anything is possible!

If you have been asking yourself when is the Leicester City’s bubbly going to burst, today I ask you to relax, because it is not going to burst. They are marching on to clinch the Barclay’s Premier League trophy.

second atricle

Image by dailymail.co.uk

Vardy and his team a representation of possibilities

They are magnificent, they work harder then other teams in the league. They are the proof that anything is possible in football and one of their footballers is a living proof that anything is possible in life if you give it your all.

That living proof is Jamie Vardy! Not so long ago the man was a factory worker and an amateur league player. Today he is considered as on of Europe’s deadliest number 9’s. Today he is the big part of the reason why Leicester City is at the top of the table. Today he holds the record of being the first BPL player to score on 11 consecutive matches.

Fearless is the middle name of this team

The Leicester team is the proof that if you work harder you can achieve absolutely anything. From being considered as a relegation team to top of the table team. From languishing at the bottom of the table and fighting to stay at the top flight last season, to

becoming the most feared team in the division. They are indeed FOXES AND THEY ARE FEARLESS!.

Vardy and Leicester, Living testimonies

With only seven games to go and with a comfortable lead at the top of the standings. Nothing and no one can stop this resurgent, fearless Leicester team. What makes it increasingly hard for teams chasing them is that inside their team, everyone is willing to give 110%.

Leicester City and Jamie Vardy are a living testimony to everyone out there who has given up on achieving their goals. It is possible! Just look at Leicester for inspiration then you will never go wrong!

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