An eventful week of Champions League football

What an eventful round of European football it has been this past week. We look at the major talking points of this week’s Champions League.

champsImage by Sportsvibe

Barcelona & Madrid A tale of two eventful nights

Barcelona went into Tuesday match with Atletico Madrid off a defeat to eternal rivals Real Madrid. Gerrad Pique stated before the clash that “At the moment they are the second best team in Spain, as the league shows,”.

Whether this was to take a swipe at Real Madrid or to raise the stakes it mattered little. Barcelona were given a good contest and Atletico lead early through a Fernando Torres goal. Bizarrely the forward was sent off in the same half for a second bookable offence. The Barcelona that everyone knows woke up and settled the tie 2-1 thanks to a Suarez double.

On Wednesday night Madrid lined up against Wolfsburg in what many considered a favourable tie. The result was anything but favourable. The score line read 2 nil at half time and that is the way it remained.

A compounding of lacklustre defending from the defensive unit was to blame predominantly for the penalty and the second goal. The bigger problems were upfront where the BBC trio had a horrible night of missed chances as well as the loss of Benzema to an injury. If Madrid fail to overturn the result it will be another disappointing season.

Bayern narrowly win and PSG throw tie open

If results are all that count then Bayern’s 1 nil win over Benfica will not worry anyone. However at this stage of the Champions League the performance of the whole team matters. Bayern lead early through Alturo Vidal and the rest of the night was indicative of a team that could not settle affairs.

Benfica will still see themselves as having a chance, however the favourites have a lot more to prove to be considered favourites for the competition.

The tie between Paris Saint Germain and Man City will be seen as a missed opportunity by PSG. A missed penalty by Ibrahimovic earlier on opened up the game in favour of the visitors. Although Ibrahimovic made up for it by pouncing on sloppy play at the back it is Man City who will favour themselves.

They take two away goals with them and managed to match their opponents on the night. These two clubs currently have huge projects with goals of putting their hand on the Champions League trophy, this leg will reveal who is closer to attaining that

The action returns in the coming week with second Leg rounds.


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