Referees, Man Up and do the right thing

The inconsistency of referees in soccer all around the world has resulted in them becoming enemies to the supporters. Their growing inability to have the guts and make good and fair decisions when it matters the most is a major frustration to supporters and coaches out there.


Nicola Rizzoli who was in charge of the second leg match between Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid: Image by FourFourTwo Magazine

Had Atletico failed to reach Semi-finals would have been referees doing

Had Atletico de Madrid not made it to the semi-finals of this year’s Champions League, referees who were in charge in both legs would have had a hand on that. The decisions of the referees in both legs were simple appalling. They failed to man up to the pressure from the Barcelona supporters.

Referees ignored taking match changing decisions

The major incidents from the first leg that the referee and his assistants did not pick up were the Suarez kick and elbowing. The Barcelona front man twice committed red card offenses but was allowed to stay on the pitch. He kicked Atletico’s Juanfran when he didn’t even have the ball. He did not end there but he went on to hit another Atletico defender Felipe Luis with his elbow.

The second leg of this tie saw the similar incidents when Neymar Jnr kicked Atletico’s Diego Godin when he did not have the ball. Also Barcelona’s captain Iniesta handled the ball in the box and denied opponents the goal scoring opportunity, he received a yellow card instead of marching orders (red card).

This needs to stop its ruining the game

 This need to stop, decisions must not be made according to the level of the clubs. The so called smaller and bigger clubs need to receive same treatment from the referees. There are often complains that the referees get a lot of stick but to be honest they deserve some of it. They need to man up and use the power that is given to them in a fair manner.

It is frustrating to watch a match where the referee is biased the entire 90minutes. It is not cool Mr Refs pull up your socks. Otherwise you will ruin the beautiful game.

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