Erick Tinkler, an example of a believer!

Is in it amazing how football fans can behave like toddlers. Toddlers never know what they want, they would cry for milk and then spit it out when it is given to them. That is how football supporters behave these days. They shout for certain players to be brought on and when those players don’t perform, they shift the blame to the coach.


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When they wanted him out, he believed

 Orlando Pirates coach Erick Tinkler can witness the above statement. He has been in that situation many times this season. Not so long ago the Buccaneer faithful wanted him booted out of the club. They felt his time was over, Pirates were shambolic in the league and there were even talks of relegation threat. But he believed.

What matters is how you react to tough situations

However life in general will throw all sorts of challenges, but the most important thing is how you react to those challenges. For Tinkler he rose above all these challenges, he chose to get stuck in there. Managing a club of Pirates magnitude is not easy and it needs you to have a crocodile skin. Fans will make your life difficult every time you step on the sidelines.

Tinkler got himself of trouble by not giving up

Others believe the inform Tendai Ndoro got Tinkler out of the hook. But truth be told, Tinkler got himself out of the sticky situation, yes of course with a bit of help from Ndoro’s performances. The reason I say that is because we have seen many other coaches give up when they are close to getting it right. For Erick it was different, he kept believing he will pull through. By not giving up he gave himself a chance of overcoming the challenges he faced.

From being an enemy to being a darling

 From an enemy to being a darling, the fans love and they want him to continue next season. Remember these are the same fans that wanted him out a couple of months ago. Never give up.

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