Good win LVG, but Old Trafford is dead!

old traford


No free flowing football, not enough goals but useless ball possession

Manchester United is known for free flowing football, they play with wingers and deliver crosses. You hardly see that these days, the only thing they care about is possession. The fast paced counter attacking football is not there anymore, you fall asleep when you watch Manchester United.

To think that this is the team that used to have a goal difference of 60 plus goals a season but this season’s goal difference is 12. They perform in patches, if the first half is good you must expect a horrible second half. That’s not Man United the club that has dominated the premier era is no longer there.

The team is boring and frustrating to watch

The Theatre of Dreams (Old Trafford Stadium) looks dead. Last night against Crystal Palace it was already empty towards the end of the game something that never happened back in the days. Today you know if the team score one or two goals it is over, no more goals after that. It is so frustrating and boring to watch.

Changes will have to be made to get back vintage Man United

It is just not good enough to be called Manchester United and fans do not even look forward to their matches. That is not the club we know. We demand Manchester United back. In order for it to be back, major changes are needed.



2 thoughts on “Good win LVG, but Old Trafford is dead!

  1. Probably next year we will be a much better team, but there might be a set back as Vaan Gal is still not sure about his future . its not guaranteed whether the next manager will give youth a chance or not.


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