Klopp is the new Moses

Just like Moses from the bible led the Israelites to the promise land. There were problems along the way, Moses even lost it at some stage but in the end there was joy when they reached the land that was promised to them. Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool career so far has represented the story of Moses and the Israelites.


Image by dailymail.co.uk

There was no life and hope when he came

The former Dortmund man came to a place where there was no hope. The Liverpool followers have suffered for yes to a point where by they never thought they would be happy again. But then came their Moses, a man that they trust with their hearts. They rest everything upon his shoulders just like the Israelites did with Moses.

His mission statement and his reaction to deeply hurt fans was key

Klopp has reacted well to the situation, he did well by first telling them that it won’t be easy but it will come good. And yes it has not been easy the incident with Benteke in the couple of weeks back when they lost to Southampton proved that it is has not been easy. Just like Moses when he didn’t show good leadership skills by doing what God told him not to do, Klopp did the same. He lost it when he shouted Benteke live on national television.

The fans have confidence in their leader

That was another proof of the difficulties they have face along the way. But the team looks much better and you can tell that they are marching forward without any fear. They have a great leader and he is determined to lead them to the promise land. Great things are coming at Anfield Stadium!




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