Upcoming Footballer with a heart of a lion

As Sports Entertainment Stringers and Sportsentblog we are all about entertainment, education and inspiration. Today we bring you an inspirational piece about a young brave footballer from Ghana.


Image by Sduduzo Masuku

He left his country because of football

Meet Shadrack Opare (19) a young hard tackling full back from Ghana who has a heart of a lion. He believes that if you want something you can get it. He is in the process of proving his statement. He has already started by leaving his own country at the age of 14. He left his family and his former Academy club Rootwise FC because of the lack of opportunities.

He wants to make a better living for himself and his country

Speaking to Sportsentblog this is what he said, “I love football with all my heart and in Ghana football is the main thing that has created better livings, I also want to make difference.” The boy’s dream is to make a better living for himself and his country. He knows it is not easy but he is determined to play for the top sides like Real Madrid, Liverpool and AC Milan.

He is not finding SA easy but he has achieved something here

He has won five individual trophies here in South Africa. Due his good behavior and professionalism on the field of play he was given the captaincy duties by his teammates at his current club Norwood Young Stars.

However he is not finding life easy in South Africa, sometimes he goes three months without a job, but he says when he goes to play football everything else does not matter. His eyes are fixed at making it to the top. He has worked so hard and saved money to go to Europe in June and is confident he will achieve his dream.

This is what you call passion and hunger

That is what you call passion, the hunger to achieve good things in life and turn a bad situation into something beautiful. Look out for this amazing talent, Sportsentblog will keep you updated.

For more details on the player please contact Sduduzo Masuku: 071 7730 359

Posted by Sduduzo Masuku

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