The Mighty Fall and rise of two Blues!

With Chelsea playing a hand in aiding Leicester City secure the title with a draw with Tottenham we take a look at the former champions dismal title defense and where it all went wrong. 

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Chelsea were widely expected to put in a strong title defense at the beginning of the 2015/16 season. Why shouldn’t they have backed themselves, they had arguably the best coach in the world with Jose Mourinho, they had the best player in the league with Edin Hazard and they had a solid squad. Looking at all those factors all of it counts for nothing. 

The “Sacked One”

The months leading up to 17 December 2015 were eventful to say the least. The honored coach went through a trying period with drama on the pitch and off it. Feisty news conferences and run-ins with the FA drew off field attention. On the pitch results were not going Mourinho’s way either. Defeat to Leicester saw the ‘Special One’ sacked for the second time.

Underperforming Stars

Last years PFA Team of the Year had six Chelsea stars that were stand out performers. All of them are currently shadows of their former selves. The team fell apart and have not fought for the club or each other on the pitch. Uncharacteristic displays and selfishness quite best describe the squad this season.

There is a lot that can be learned from Chelsea’s dismal title defense. Having the best coach in the world will not guarantee success or the best players. What really happened to Chelsea serves as a reference point for others to learn, take note Leicester City!  

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