Ranieri’s Journey to the big time

Fresh from wrapping up his first top flight domestic title in his career, Claudio Ranieri is definitely the man of the moment. We take a look at the managerial career that has finally yielded its greatest fruit.

rani.jpgImage by images.performgroup.com

Humble Beginnings

The Italian hung up his football boots in 1986 after representing the likes of Catania, Parlermo and Roma. As a player he had a less glamorous career highlighted largely by promotion with Catanzaro where he made over 200 appearances. He took up his first managerial position at Campania Puteolana in Italy, the beginning of his 30-year managerial career.

The Journey Man

Ranieri has managed 15 clubs as well as a dismal stint as Greece Manager. Prior to his league triumph with Leicester City, it was predominantly seen that the Italian chocked where it mattered most, securing a domestic league.

The most notable shortfalls were his second place finish at Roma in the 2009/10 season, Chelsea’s second place finish in 2004 and recently Monaco’s second place in 2014. However it should be stated that those second place finishes were behind Inter Milan’s treble winning side, Arsenal’s “Invincible” as well as Paris Saint Germain’s first of three consecutive league wins.

The arrival of Ranieri

The manager has had his fair of success over the years, having won a Coppa Italia, Copa del Rey and a Uefa Super Cup. This Premier League is the icing on the cake. What can be learned from the Italians life and career are important fundamentals. Firstly success does not come over night, rather through hard work and dedication. With that and perseverance, all will eventually pay off.

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