Embarassment at its best at Etihad

Manuel Pellegrini’s sending off was rather a dull moment at Etihad on Sunday afternoon.  Football is so cruel in all its capacities, whether you are a manager, a player, a fan or even the owner you still face cruel and disgrace moments inbetween.

Image by thesun.co.uk

He faced a very cruel moment

What happened to outgoing Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini at Etihad, falls under one of the most cruel moments in the history of this game. That is just the nature of this game, it has wonderful moments and also very painful moments in it.

All his success did not matter

This is the same Pellegrini who brought success at Etihad during his three year spell with the blues, winning the club three trophies. All that was forgotten yesterday after a disappointing 2-2 draw with Arsenal, which left their hopes of finishing in the top four hanging in the balance.

There was no spark at the stadium

The fans showed no respect for the manager, the majority left the stadium when it was time for Manuel’s last moments at the Etihad stadium. Those that were in the stadium looked very disappointed. It looked painful considering what he has done for Manchester City Football Club.

That’s the nature of this game

That is the nature of this game, you get beautiful moments and also heart breaking moments. For his sake, he must just lift his head up and be proud of all the good things he has done for the club.

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