Another one breaks BVB faithful hearts

Everyone wants progress in their lives but the unfortunate scenario sometimes is that progress comes at an expense of broken hearts. This scenario is very popular in the world of soccer. We have seen a thousands complaining about players decisions to leave their clubs in the cold. The latest to have done that is Matt Hummels.

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It is a hard pill to swallow

The Borrussia Dortmund skipper has annouced that he will be joining bitter rivals Bayern Munchen next season. Its a hard pill to swallow for many Dortmund supporters out there. They have seen the club lose many of their huge talents to so called ‘bigger clubs’ over the years.

Soccer players are also humans

Trust your instincts, and make judgements on what your heart tells you. The heart will not betray you – David Gemmell.

Soccer players are also humans with families to look after. Like a quote says above, they also trust their instincts when making decisions because after all, it is about them and what is right for their careers. Unfortunately some of their decisions they make are at the expence of fans broken hearts.

One of his quotes about the move to Bayern Munchen were:

I have not made my decision after eight and a half successful years at BVB easily – Mats Hummels

 Fans frustrations are understandable

As much as it hurts for every Dortmund fan, at the end of the day footballers have to do wha they feel is best for their careers. Fans frustrations are understandable especially after losing two of their best players to Bayern Munchen in the past season. Those players were Mario Goetze and Robert Lewandowski.

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