Big Sam the mastermind!

Greetings to my reader, no knows how he did it but it is done Sunderland FC are safe, they have avoided relegation. It is simply unbelievable because at some stage they looked dead and gone but then came the saver Samuel Allardyce and he dug them out of the dark hole.

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He’s a master of relegation battles

Big Sam as he is known is a master technician when it comes to pulling away teams from the drop. This time around it was Sunderland FC, there was no hope at the Stadium of Light and fans had given up on the Black Cats. When Allardyce was appointed, there was belief amongst Sunderland supporters.

He got things right from the beginning

The first thing he got right was buying right players for the project. The likes of Kirchhoff Kone and Khazri just to name a few, were the perfect soldiers for the job. The team stopped conceding many goals, there was good movement in a attack, they suddenly played with more belief.

He deserves the credit

Now they have done and have done it with swag, beating Champions Chelsea and finishing off the job with Everton. Samuel Allardyce deserves all the credits without a doubt! He started the project of helping the team out of relegation and his players were fully committed to helping him see out his project in style.

Well done to Sunderland Football Club and Manager Samuel Allardyce!

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