He might just surprise you!

Jose Mourihno has not been in the management since December however attention is still rife concerning the Chosen One’s next destination

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Speculation concerning Jose Mourinho has been growing from the day he left Chelsea football club. Regarded by some as one of the best coaches in the world, there is never a short supply of speculation surrounding him.

There was speculation that he would make a remarkable return to Real Madrid after Rafa Benitez dismissal however that was squashed once Zidane took over. However the biggest speculation has been that surrounding him taking over at Manchester United. 

This speculation has been doing the rounds from as early as January. It came to a point that false reports had been issued that Van Gaal would be dismissed with the immediate instatement of Mourinho.

Van Gaal came out against the media by saying “I don’t even want them to react to things which I read in the media or which are being created. We, the club and I, are not going to help the media right now by denying things. I think what is happening is an absolute scandal.”

Well the rumours have not subsided since. This week Mourinho has come out and stated that he will be back in the management dug out soon. “In July, I will be back, So we are in May. May to July is nothing. I keep enjoying my life which I’m doing, keep enjoying my family. But in July I am back.”

We will wait to see where his next destination will be but what for sure is that the ‘Chosen One’ will be back!

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