All their good work down the drain!

Nothing hurts more than seeing everything you have worked hard for goes down the drain. The Barclays Premier League had a sour ending yesterday with some teams poor performances right at the death. 

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Spurs noticeable flops

The most noticeable disaster was that of Tottenham Hotspur’s loss to Newcastle United. It was a lackluster performance from the team that was challenging for the title. The last three matches leading to the last match of the season against Newcastle were disappointing to say the least. 

Lack of discipline took away everything

The major problem that spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino faced towards the end of the season is that his young squad lost discipline. The lack of experience within the squad started to show, they started getting unnecessary suspensions and losing their heads in crucial matches. It was painful to watch for their fans considering how a solid team they have been for the most part of the season.

They missed out on ending the hoodoo 

The one that hurt the most is that they were finally seeing the prospect of finishing above their North London rivals Arsenal for the first time in 21 years. All those dreams were shuttered after their heavy loss to an already relegated Newcastle. 

Lessons to be learned from this campaign

Tottenham should take some lessons from their dreadful ending to the campaign. In this league you need discipline to win the title, Pochettino and his troops will have to take this one and try again next season. 

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