Mourinho to Manchester United could be a disaster

With speculations linking the former Chelsea manager to Manchester United, expect more drama to unfold if he ends up at Old Trafford. Jose Mourinho has the centre of attention in Manchester since he was released from his managerial duties at Chelsea.

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He is known for drama

The manager from Portugal is known for his dramatically incidents wherever he goes. At Real Madrid he left on the back door due to the heat he was feeling from the fans and players too. It was the same story when he left Chelsea, players turned against him and the portion of fans at Stamford Bridge were all over him. 

Many players suffer when he arrives at a club

The first thing he did that many Chelsea fans were not happy about was to get rid of the Spanish creative player Juan Mata, who was sold to the club he is now heavily linked with. He had a disastrous 2015/16 season where he fought with one of the most valuable doctors at the club Ever Cainero which resulted in her leaving the club. 

Chelsea were losing matches left and right, they were also fighting for relegation at some stage. All that was blamed on the manager’s ego and his tricks which came back to bite him.

Manchester could experience the same suffering

Now here comes Manchester United which seems to be his destination in the coming weeks. Trouble is likely to appear at The Theatre of Dreams, with club legends like Wayne Rooney and Micheal Carrick who are not afraid to voice their opinions, drama will definitely be there. Mourinho likes to bring his own culture at the club and as a result many players suffer from it. We saw with Mata at Chelsea.

A quote from one of the sports Journalists explained Mourinho’s weakness in avoiding trouble at clubs he manages and his failure to create sustainability.

Mourinho’s so-called third-season syndrome, his difficulty in creating long-term success at a club, is not mere misfortune; it is a direct consequence of his management technique. 

Some football managers you could imagine as leaders in different contexts,at, say, a great business or charity. These are the leaders who understand human nature, and by implication, how to create a sustainable, enriching culture.

Mourinho however, is a cultural terrorist, he sucks whatever vitality there is in a culture into the black hole of his ego. He is an impressive tactician, to be sure, but when it comes to sustainability he is all at sea –  Sports Journalist .

Louis Van Gaal did the same, he tried to destroy Manchester United culture and ended up getting the sack.


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2 thoughts on “Mourinho to Manchester United could be a disaster

  1. Man U is a big brand and Jose is the right person to be at the centre of helm..he is not an ordinary coach and but a great coach and he will not only make the game exciting at old trafford but he certainly add value to the ailing. Giant .Man u lacked the exciting vibe that sir Alex would create when he was in charge ., ferguson was not a coach who carry a file around … When it mattered most he would stand up and bark instructions . He would push someone for making a poor decision .you could see that he was in charge . That’s exactly what we want see from Jose … and he will not disappoint in this regard.We are excited by the dramna that will unfold in Manchester ..,now there will be action on the bench and see we see philosophy at play not the one that is not overemphasized by word of mouth.. As for Giggs he still needed to be patient … It is clear he wanted it but it was always going to be too early for him. He must take a leaf from Z.Z.He finally got it without a fight .All Man U players must rally behind the new coach and die for is not all about kicking a ball but even those interviews count.They make football beautiful.We looking forward to thesenow!!!!.


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