Hodgson with the toughest job in the competition

With the Euro 2016 Championship just around the corner, England manager Roy Hodgson had the toughest job out of all the other managers. To select his final 23 man squad was no joke for Hodgson due to various reasons. 

Soccer - England and England Under 21's Press Conference - Wembley Stadium
England’s Manager Roy Hodgson reacts after nearly spilling his water during the press conference at Wembley Stadium, London.

The factors at play pile more pressure on the manager

First of all you are leading a big country like England that has not won a major Trophy for years now. Secondly the country all of a sudden has an amazing talent that looks really promising to end the hoodoo of not winning anything for more than ten years. 

All these factors brought pressure to the man who had to select the final 23 men to go to the tournament. The country is trophy hungry and it looks like the talent is at his disposal. But the major problem is that he was only limited to only picking 23 players. Now he is going to be judge according to his squad selection should England fail or triumph at the tournament.

Some of his decisions already raising eyebrows

Already the omission of this year’s premier league winner Danny Drinkwater has raised many eyebrows. At the same time the omission was due to the difficulties the manager faced upfront, where he could not leave the high flying attacking options of Marcus Rashford, Harry Kane, Daniel Sturridge, Jamie Vardy and captain Wayne Rooney.

That is the pressure that comes with being an England manager. For Hodgson’s sake I hope all goes well, otherwise he can kiss this job goodbye.

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