Portugal fail to break the ice

Going into the match against a nation that has just over 3000 population and also making their debut into this prestigious tournament, Portugal were by far favourites to win that match. However it did not happen, that is how much the game has changed.

Image by http://www.the guardian.com

No one saw it coming

No one gave Iceland a chance due to the lack of quality in their squad. It was a fool thing to do though because in the past  months we have seen how the underdog rise above all odds. It is getting more and more complicated for the so called bigger teams.

Quality does not matter that much anymore

The quality that Portugal boast in their rank failed to break the Ice. The quality that they have was not enough on the night, Iceland got a point that was well deserved because of their outstanding defending. The fact that they even manage to equalize after going down through Nani’s goal shows how much fearless the underdog has become.

Anything can happen now

The group is now open after another so called better team Austria in the group were shocked by an underdog called Hungary. It will be interesting to see when and who is the underdog going to strike next.

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