Northern Ireland withstand the storm

By Sduduzo Masuku

If you asked me a couple of years ago if Northern Ireland would make to the Euro 2016 Championship, let alone win a game in this tournament, I would have thought long and hard about it. In the end the answer would be a big fat NO, but guess what they have done against all sorts of odds.

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Waves of attack and the storm did not stop them

It was raining dogs and cats in France, the referee even needed to stop the game at some stage. Many thought it would kill the momentum of this Irish side, that was not the case as they continued to fight for each other on the pitch. They withstand both the natural storm from the above and the one that was infront of them. That being the talented Ukraine attack that consist of Konoplyanka and Yamarlenko.

This was a huge confidence booster

This was a huge confidence booster for the underdog. We so Iceland stamp their authority against the almighty Portugal and their captain Cristiano Ronaldo. Which led to the captain himself making nasty comments about the nation’s football. Stating that they have small mentality, that was all the frustration speaking if you ask me.

Let us wait and see if there is any opportunity for another giant to be slayed. But what I can say is, it is very much possible.

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