Combrinck the kind of Springbok the nation needs

The way Ruan Combrinck turned the game in its heard was an example of a true world class impact player. The Springboks were doomed for another disappointing match on Saturday until the Lions fly half stepped onto the pitch.

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Ireland were all over the Springboks, dominating in all areas of the field. The Springboks did not do themselves any favours though, making mistakes in crucial positions on the field. The noticeable ones were the poor handling of the ball and failure to discipline themselves, caught in offside positions and giving away cheap penalties.

Young Combrinck is a true example of a Springbok, his hunger to battle away and not giving up on what looked like a daunting task, shows why he is in the team. In fact the question now is why was he even on the bench. The new look Springboks needs characters like him, people who can breathe life to the team no matter how bad the situation is.

Well done Mr Combrinck!

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