This is what going down at Carrington…..

All the Manchester United fans and the neutrals had been looking forward to Jose Mourinho’s first training session with his players at Old Trafford. They finally got to see it and it was worth the wait.

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Light first training session

At his first training the Special One as he is famously known looked relaxed. He puts his side through the pace session at their training base in Carrington. This is not the Mourinho you are going to see in the coming weeks, expect to see an animated face at training dishing out information to his players. He explained it clearly that he wants to win titles at Manchester United.

Huge changes at training base

Major changes are coming on and off the field in the coming weeks as Jose Mourinho looks to take firm control on the club he had been dreaming of. Already the former manager Louis van Gaal’s infamous spy cameras have been removed. There are now giant floodlights that are set to be installed to illuminate and improve security in the training complex’s car park.

With Mourinho there is always a possibility

A path has also been laid to enable the players to walk straight to their luxury cars. One would argue and say is it not the same thing Louis van Gaal did when he first got the job? Make changes there and there but it didn’t work out. The answer is yes there were changes but Mourinho’s record speaks for itself, whatever he touches turns to gold.

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