Another interesting addition to the Premier League

Just over £500million has be spend in the Barclays Premier League this season as teams prepare for a much anticipated season ahead. Even at Championship level, the lower league of the Premier League, the clubs have been flexing their muscles to try and get back to the big time.

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Big European names are swapping for the Premier League and for one interesting reason. It may not be a league that is tactically good like the likes of Spanish La Liga and Bundesliga, but it is for sure the most exciting and competitive league on planet. It speaks for itself, it now one of the greatest managers in football, if not the best.

Fernando Llorente is the latest name to join the Premier League, a player who has played for Juventus, Sevilla and Spain is sure not short of quality. A club like Swansea City have managed to get his signature, that shows how competitive clubs are in this league. 

The question is, will we see more of these players coming to England before the transfer window closes?

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