Don’t be fooled by the stats

The biggest mistake both Manchester United and Manchester City fans could make is focus more on the stats ahead of the big Manchester Derby on Saturday. I am saying that for one good reason, this is the premier league. 

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These two phenomenal managers have met each other in different leagues and atmospheres compared to where they are right now. They are now in the premier league which is influenced by English football, it is a demanding league because of its competitiveness. 

The two managers know exactly that the past experiences between the two of them would not matter come Saturday. They are with two different clubs now, with completely different surroundings. That means they would not apply the same skills they used in their previous clubs respectively when they face each other.

We are expecting the unknown, therefore it makes it difficult for anyone to draw conclusions on what is going to happen come Saturday. One thing I know for sure is that there will be tension, sweat, passion and drama around Old Trafford when the two rivals meet. At the end the best between the two will win, if there is the best.

These are the head to head stats between the two managers:


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