Don’t let circumstances define your future

The most beautiful thing about life is that you get to decide on how you want to live it. You get a chance to turn a negative situation into something positive. All of that goes with how you make choices as a person. 

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It is highly impossible to choose your family, you cannot choose whether you want to born in a rich or poor family but one thing for sure is that you can decide on your future. 

Do not let circumstances have a negative impact when it comes to your future or how you live your life.

Former Bafana Bafana captain and Sunderland midfielder Steven Pienaar changed a horrific situation into a positive situation. Growing up in an apartheid era where there was little to celebrate as a black man is no child’s play. Not only the country was filled with racism, but violence as well, he lived on the edge all the time due to violence in Wesbury, a small township in Johannesburg.

That however did not stop him from achieving his dream of becoming a sensational footballer. He beat all the odds and worked his way up under difficult conditions. Today he is one of the best South Africa has ever seen. Playing for Ajax Cape Town in South Africa before moving to Netherlands to play for Ajax Amsterdam. He played for Everton in England and captained his national soccer team Bafana Bafana. 

Turn your struggles, defeats and losses into something positive. Turn your difficult circumstances into cheers. Pienaar used football as a way of changing his life for the better. Sports have changed people’s lives, it can change yours as well.   

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