Its not about falling its about getting up

A career in sport can be very unpredictable and cruel at times. You can be on top of your game in a minute and the next thing you find yourself at your worst. That is cause by injuries in most of the cases, unfortunately nothing can be done about that since injuries are part of the game.

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Today we look at our today’s Man Crush Monday, proteas fast bowler and former number one ranked test bowler in the world Dale Steyn. A phenomenal character, a winner on the cricket pitch and a very passionate individual when it comes to this game.

Over the past few months he has been plagued by injuries but that did not bring him down but instead it made him come back even stronger. We saw in the test series against NewZealand he was on fire and back to his best. That is what we call character, being able to bounce back from all sorts of obstacles.

It is not baout falling but it is about how you get up after you have fallen. Well played Dale. 

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