One needs to let go

There can never be two bulls that will rule in one kraal. If that is the case, they will forever be troubles. That is the story of Kaizer Chiefs at the moment, two people want to influence the selection of the squad and it is simply causing havoc.

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The coach Steve Khompela does not look happy at all, you would swear there is someone behind him pulling the strings. The man seem to have no control at all in Naturena, something that is supposed to be given to him. 

It is now rubbing in on the players, when someone that is supposed to be leading and show you the right path is being held at gun point by someone else. It is impossible to concentrate for the one that is being led. Steve is the coach but Bobby Motaung is the leader that decides on which players to be bought and which ones must not be bought.

Unfortunately in football the coach has to be hands on and decide on whom he wants to work with, because after all, he is the one that’s going to be coaching the players. Unless the bullying does not stop on Steve, Chiefs will suffer more pain. 

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