Push has definitely come to shove

When push come to shove, you have to make big decisions as a manager. Decisive decisions are very important to make especially in a division like Premier league. The longer you stumble the more pressure and stick you get from the supporters.

Image by http://www.mufc.com

A serious problem

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho is now faced with a serious dilemma of under performing players in the team and horrible combinations. A decision has to be made and be made immediately before the inform rivals Manchester City run away with the league title.

The captain no longer influence the game

To start with, Wayne Rooney’s time as a Manchester United top man is over. He has lost his creativity in that role, he does not influence the game anymore. Henrik Mkhitaryan and Mata should be competing for that role. In central midfield, Paul Pogba needs a strong guiding hand of Michael Carrick to tell him when to attack and when to stay and defend.

The longer it takes for him to fix it the worse it gets 

The longer you take to solve a problem the more it gets dipper and dipper until its very difficult to solve. Big decisions have to be made in the camp otherwise Mourinho will see a repeat of what happened in his last season at Chelsea.

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