It is Bafana Bafana’s turn to deliver

The past week was fantastic for South African sports and it looks like this week is the same as well. South African sports fans have seen an amazing improvement in national teams at the expense of Australia’s national teams. The Proteas have been surpeb so has the Springboks. 

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Now it is time for Shakes Mashaba to continue with the trend. After such a wonderful treat from the Proteas and Springboks, the fans expect nothing less than a convincing victory against Burkina Faso on Saturday. The nation is in good mood and it will be unfortunate if Bafana Bafana are the ones to ruin nation’s beautiful two weeks so far.

World Cup 2018 is a must for Bafana Bafana, it has been long enough. The Springboks and Proteas have set the standard, now it is all in the hands of Shakes Mashaba’s troops to keep up with the standard or even exceed the standard set. 

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