THUMBS UP to St Georges!

When you think of sports the people that quickly comes into mind are the players that do the job on the field of play. But truth be told, the fans always have a major role to play. Their voice add a lot of value to how the game is perceived these days. 

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The South African fans have been phenomenal in the ODI Series, carrying the team almost in every part of the South African provinces. It all started in the first match against Australia in Centurion then it was Wanderers, Durban then came Port Elizabeth. The St Georges crowd were simply magnificent, they gave everything and that made the team look unbeatable.

The music band played their thing for the entire match, Profess were on top, Australia were outclassed in a the department. It was very good to watch and this is what South African sports wants to see, it has to spread to football as well the crowd need to start filling up the stadium.


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