This area which will determine the results

Greetings to my fellow reader. Get ready for the beautiful game’s treatment of the highest order when the two most successful clubs in England collide. When speaking of the most successful clubs in English football we are talking about Liverpool and Manchester United. The rivalry will be renewed come Monday evening. 

Image by Sky Sports

Different starts to the season

Both sides have started the season in contrast. Liverpool had a bad start and started kicking off things in their third game. On the other hand Manchester United had a dream start and started falling apart in their fourth game of the season. 

Liverpool’s midfield looks sharp

One area which will determine the outcome of this highly anticipated area is the centre of the midfield. Again the stats are contrast when you match these sides centre of the park. Liverpool’s midfield have looked superb from the word go, with Georgino Winaldjum and Jordan Henderson forming a great partnership. 

Manchester United’s midfield have struggled 

On the other hand Manchester United struggled to find the right formula until the last two games. The is still debate on who should play with the most expensive player in football Paul Pogba. Ander Herrera has looked good with him in the past two games, but there is still uncertainty. 

The center of the park will determine the results

The match on Monday night will definitely reveal who has the strongest midfield and which manager has been able to put the right pieces into place. 

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