Manchester United were caught coldcold

One of the most difficult things in sport is understanding how professional sportsmen or sportswomen can sometimes fail to master the basics. It is even worse when it is a well assembled squad that costs millions of thousands. What Manchester United produced yesterday was simply unacceptable to their fans and many neutrals out there.

Image by The Independent

The team was cold and had no idea what hit them. For such an expensive and experienced squad, it is shocking and it is something that should never happen no matter what is the time of the day. 

All credit to Chelsea and Antonio Conte for making the most of the situation. They pressed hard and never let go till the last minute. Conte played his part as on the touchline as well. Mourinho and his troops were never going to recover after the shocking start, not in a million years. 

It was going to take something special and that something that is special was never there at all. Which is something that is very surprising considering the amount of money that has been splashed in order to add the X Factor in the team. 

Jose Mourinho and his troops have work cut out for them. The fans are not going to let this one go anytime soon. What United need to do is to provide a remarkable response against rivals Manchester City in a Cup match. 

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2 thoughts on “Manchester United were caught coldcold

  1. What happenned yesterday is what football is all about … The guys just need to be motivated and focus on the next match – period.


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