Anything happens in football but that was too much

Good morning to my fellow reader. Munshin Ertugral’s body language and words told the whole story last night. For a club like Orlando Pirates to be hammered 6-1 is beyond shocking, their heaviest defeat since 1990, Ertugral’s image and pride was dismantled.

Image by The Citizen

No one really knows what went wrong there but one thing everyone knows is that Orlando Pirates suffered humiliation of the highest order. Supersport United taught them a lesson of a lifetime. A person who has no idea who Pirates are would have never believed they were once Champions of Africa. 

This brings a lot of question about some of the players respect and commitment for the club . If you can recall the game against Polokwane City, had City been clinical in front of goals like United were last night, Pirates would have suffered a heavy defeat. 

Something is definitely not right, it is unacceptable for a club of this magnitude to be hammered like that. Yes, this is football and anything can happen in football, but in all fairness that was a simply give away from Pirates players. 

Now things will never be the same after Munshin claimed he will resign, if it happens that he stays, the trust between him and his players will never be the same, it has been betrayed. It is going to take something special for it to be repaired, he will definitely have the toughest job of his career if he stays at Pirates. 

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