Hazard flashes his way to Sportsentblog MCM

By Sduduzo Masuku

Good morning to my fellow reader. If you asked me to describe Eden Hazard football this season in one word, I would give you “sizzling”. He has been in red hot form, a complete contrast to last season’s Hazard. They always say behind every man’s success lies a strong hand, that hand has been the hand of Italian sensation Antonio Conte.

Image by the Independent

Conte has completely changed Hazard’s game, he now plays with a lot of freedom knowing that he does not have to worry about defensive work. Hazard has players around him who are able to work for him and all he does is to terrorise defenses with his outrageous skills and pace. 

This weekend he did again and it was at the expense of Everton, he played with swagger and confidence. You would never tell that it is the same Hazard that scored little goals last season. He scored two brilliant individual goals at the weekend and that is why he is Sportsentblog Man Crush Monday today. 

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