Football and the World needs more Mhangos

By Sduduzo Masuku

To have people like Gabadinho Mhango in the beautiful game is always pleasing for various reasons. They are there to entertain on the football field and also to show others that it is possible to achieve anything in life and when you eventually do, do not forget those who are behind still trying to achieve their goals too. 

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The fact that Mhango went back to Malawi and tracked down the boy who had his name written at the back of his shirt, shows that he knows exactly how the boy felt. When you have experienced difficult times it makes it easier for you to sympathise with those in similar situations at that particular moment. 

The world of football needs to see more of these gestures, may it not end with Mhango. We need to show love to our upcoming talents and convince them it can be done. BIG UP MHANGO! 

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