Anything short than a victory will raise more eyebrows


By Sduduzo Masuku

The question that lingers in the minds of South Africans at the moment is ‘Where did it go wrong for the Springboks. The men’s national rugby team is going through a very disappointing spell at the moment, the performances in their end of the year tour have been below par to say the least. With this current situation, expect many questions to be asked.

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One of the most noticeable weaknesses in Allister Coetzee’s side are ‘mistakes’ on the field. Many of the games that Springboks have lost this year it has been their own doing. Unfortunately for them the oppositions they have faced, have all punished them dearly. At International level in order to compete with the best, there has to be the limitation of mistakes and sadly that has not been the case in Allister’s first real test as Springboks coach. 

Saturday is another tough day for South Africa, if you thought Italy was tough, wait until you witness the Welsh heat. Wales are not going to be push overseas by any means, they are a good side and it is safe to say they are slightly better than Italy that Springboks lost to. South Africa will have to be on their toes and make sure they end the year on a positive note.

Anything short of a victory for Allister could raise more eyebrows from the nation. The situation has the looks of a crisis at the moment, and it is the one that needs attention as soon as possible. 

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