Shambolic Springboks have looked tired and not interestedinterested

By Sduduzo Masuku

Where is the old Springbok? The one with pride and a Lion’s heart. The one that would do anything to win the match, even if it means broken bones and muscles, where is it? The current Springbok looks dead, tired and not interested and that is not how the Springbok should be. The Springbok is supposed to have life and be willing to run an extra mile if it has to in order to inflict pain on the enemy. This one however it is doing the opposite, it is always chasing instead of being chased. 

Image by the Telegraph

The losing streak is just draining for the nation, the other thing that makes it worse is the manner in which they loose. Their play this year has been characterized by school boy mistakes, something that should never happen at this level. The team looks tired and not interested from all of this ‘proud nation’ business, it is simply shocking.

Losing to Italy and England for the first time in history shows how the mighty Bok has fallen, it is a disaster and a one that really needs some serious scrutiny otherwise the national can kiss their pride goodbye in this sport. Next year there has to be improvement, these players have to put everything right, infact there should be the ones first to be back at the training ground next year.

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