Off the pitch issues causing Barcelona slump

By Sduduzo Masuku

If there is one most sensitive sport in the world, that would be without any doubt soccer. This kind of sport requires concentration and discipline on and off the field. What happens off the field has an effect on what happens on the field. At this moment in time Spanish giants Barcelona are affected negatively on the pitch by what is happening off the pitch.

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First it was their mighty Lionel Messi, the little Argentine was accused of tax evasion early in the year. The case dragged for a long time and it did not go down well with the Barcelona faithful. It did not end there, recently there has been talks of Messi leaving Barcelona amid interest from Manchester City and Chelsea. 

The saga did not only end with Messi, there is another drama that has been going on for a long time as well. That is the story of Neymar Jr’s transfer from Santos FC to FC Barcelona. This case is still going on as reports suggest that Neymar might face jail time. All of this has taken its tall on the players.

Barcelona have now slipped to six points behind rivals Real Madrid heading to the El Classico this coming weekend. The performances are poor and the body language is not convincing at all. For the club and supporters sake, the matters have to be resolved soon rather than later.

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