One step forward and two step backwards

By Sduduzo Masuku

That has been the story of Manchester United in the past three seasons. Since the retirement of the great Sir Alex Ferguson the Manchester club has not been the same. Different men have been brought on to fill up the void that was left by the Legendary maestro who won the league title for a record 20th time in 2013 before announcing his retirement.None of them have delivered to the high expectations of the Old Trafford faithful. None of them have also been able to match the standard of football that was set by Sir Ferguson.

Image by The National

Jose Mourinho is now at the helm and he comes with a remarkable managerial record. When he was announced as a manager many Manchester United fans had high hopes that it will be the start of good old times.

Unfortunately that has not been the case, just when everyone thinks the team is picking up in form, they suffer from a other set back. The manager himself has been partly to blame for some unpleasing results at Carrington.

The club has now gone eight premier league matches without a win. Interestingly inbetween those eight league games there has been convincing wins in Europa league and domestic cup. They just cannot seem to put things right in the premier league, it is worrying for the fans and the manager himself. Just when the fans think there is a way forward, something horrible happens. It has been a YOYO kind of life for Mourinho and his troops in Manchester. 

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