Klopp’s Liverpool too predictable

By Sduduzo Masuku

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp together with fans never thought they would in this kind of situation in the new year. Klopp’s troops have not won a home game in five matches in all competitions. This is the same side that had an 80 percent win ratio last year November and December. Their predictability and failure to apply different methods when the going gets tough is the reason they find themselves in this situation.

Image by AMP- Mirror

Players do not have plan B

The only game that Liverpool players know is the high pressing and possession football. Sometimes their build-ups are too slow and predictable. Teams have learned to just sit back and catch them on the counter because their defense is not that strong either. Against stubborn defenses these Liverpool players run out of ideas. 

To get past this horrible run they must change it a little

As a football team you need to be dynamic by being able to adapt to any situation. When the going gets tough there has be a plan be. Relying on the same methods lead to limited success. Premier is ruthless, you get away with your coaching style for a few matches but once other managers discover your methods, they are on your back. Klopp has to come up with a plan if he wants to past this horrible run of poor results. 


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