Leave the fans and question the commitment from players

By Sduduzo Masuku

The problem at Orlando Pirates Football Club looks bigger than it was at first sight. When the mouth fails to speak the body language never fails unfortunately in this scenario it is something that Orlando Pirates players and technical team cannot hide because it is out there on national television for everyone to see. The players commitment without any doubt is questionable. 


The fans may have invaded the pitch of which was not an ideal situation considering the rules of the game. However, the disgraceful behaviour of the fans must not cloud the judgement when it comes to the commitment of the Pirates players. These players look fatigue and out of sort. The second half of the season just resumed a week ago, there is no excuse for tiredness.

From where I am, some of these players have become too comfortable and forgot that they have people to serve. They agreed to serve the club and its fans when they signed those big fat contracts. At the moment that does not seem to register in their minds. The fans pay for tickets to go watch them, the fans frustrations are understandable in such situations. 

On top of it all, the club is without a coach and no one is addressing or explaining the situation to the fans. The only thing these fans receive are heart breaks almost every week. Meanwhile the players are enjoying the privileges of being associated with the club’s emblem. 

This is not an ideal situation at all for a club with fantastic history like Orlando Pirates FC. The situation need to be sorted as soon as possible before this club looses its dignity more than it already has.


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