Every fairytale has a dark side

By Sduduzo Masuku

The sacking of Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri proves the soccer industry has become more complicated and cruel over the years. Just nine months ago the world had no words to describe the remarkable achievement that was achieved by Ranieri. Transforming Leicester City from being relegation strugglers to becoming Champions of English football. But such is life, every good thing always comes to an end. 

Image by Mirror

The job that Claudio did with Leicester was almost impossible. In a club that had no so called big stars, the club’s leading goal scorer that season was a player from non league football. Really when you consider all of these factors it seemed impossible for any manager in the world to achieve what Ranieri achieved at this club.

All of that is forgotten now because of the dreadful start they are having in 2017. They have gone back to what they were before they became Champions. They are in absolute shambles and it has not got them only point above relegation, but it has cost them a loss of their remarkable maestro Claudio Ranieri. 

The question remains, now where to from here for Leicester City?


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