Chelsea’s title road looks smooth and sailing

By Sduduzo Masuku

Antonio Conte’s men are in red hot form. Their ability to destroy every team that is in from of them, proves that it is going to take something superstitious for them to lose their grip on the the title. In their last 21 games they have only lost once and conceded only 11 goals, those are Champions statistics. 

Image by AMP-

With Eden Hazard firing from all cylinders, showing his true potential there is a little chance that anything can go wrong with that team. What makes them more qualified to lift the crown is the togetherness between the fans, the manager and the players. In order for a soccer team to succeed in a league that is tough like the Premier League, it has to have all those attributes. 

The road looks smooth and sailing at the moment, it looks like nothing can go wrong from now until the end of season. I know this is football but Chelsea are making it difficult for everyone to believe that this is football and anything can go wrong. 


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