Time for Wenger to let go of his empire

By Sduduzo Masuku

Arsene Wenger’s journey with Arsenal is the one that will forever be cherished in the world of sports without any doubt. However, all the good things are bound to come to an end at some stage in the game and there is no other way around it. It is time for Wenger to accept that he is at the point in his life with Arsenal.

Image by mirror.co.uk
It has been good without any further of a doubt. He has entertained the Premier League with his slick style of play. Arsenal for so many years have looked pleasing on the eye, they have been easy to watch even for the neutrals. We have the invincible in the Premier League because of Arsenal and Wenger, we have been treated to world class entertainment over the years.
All of that is gone now and it is getting more ugly as the days pass by. Wenger should just let go of his empire, let others take wheel. He has done his part and it does not have to get to a point where he gets the sack, that would be an unpleasant scenario in the beautiful game as a whole.
Take nothing away from the French man though, it has truly been a blessing to witness such a a unique managerial career. Such is the game, there is always an end to every beautiful thing.

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