The team defeated the fans divided and the manager defied

Just like holding on to the cactus, the more you hold on to it the more it hurts. That has been Arsene Wenger’s situation at Arsenal. Unity is strength, division is weakness those are the cries of some Arsenal fans. However if you flip the page and look on the other side of the matter, it is a different story for some Arsenal fans. There have been banners that strongly suggest that the manager Arsene Wenger must be thrown out of the window.

Image by Daily

The team looks defeated and the fans division does not do a club any good. However, Wenger chooses to pick only the positives and leave the negatives in the current situation at the club. He is holding on to something that he built from scratch and that is something which every human being will do. Unfortunately for Arsenal fans it is not doing anyone involved any good.

He has to let go because the more he holds on to the power the more painful it gets for hi and supporters. There is nothing left for him at the club anymore. Rather he accept reality and move on before reality gets ugly on him and suffer the humiliation of being sacked by the club he built.



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