Players not interested anymore and it spells danger

There is really no point for Arsene Wenger to continue embarrassing himself at Arsenal. Yes, it is very difficult for a human being to sometimes let go of pride and accept reality. The fans turned against him long time ago, it was not that bad because it was not 11 men on the field. These days it has even gone worse, the player do not feel Wenger, it is as clear as day light that his spell at Arsenal has come to an end. Unfortunately for him it is a bitter end.

Image by team defeated the fans divided and the manager defied

A number of player do not look interested anymore and that is a very dangerous sign for any football manager. We have seen how ugly those kind of situations can get, you can go back to Jose Mourinho’s season with Chelsea a year ago, it was traumatizing for any football fan watching out there.

The Arsenal Hierarchy have to do something about this, even the Wenger himself have to start being realistic when looking at the situation. Sometimes letting go does not make you a looser but it simple shows  that you are smart enough to realize it is over and there is nothing you can do.


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