What a Premier League season it has been

By Sduduzo Masuku

What will a beautiful game be without passion, drama, controversy, you name it all.The 2016/2017 soccer season has been one of the highest order. We saw it all as it happened, joy, disappointment, hunger all of those things put together bring one full spectacle in the world of soccer.

image by the sun football.co.uk

It all happened in the Premier League when the Italian job touch of Antonio Conte did the unthinkable. Taking a Chelsea side that lacked confidence due to poor performances last season and turning into the most feared club in England.

Where we saw Arsene Wenger’s side fail to qualify for the prestigious Champions League tournament and Mauricio Pochettino’s Spurs finish above their London rivals Arsenal for the first time in decades.

It did not end there, Jose Mourinho caught with Manchester United troops till the end where they claimed their first Europa League trophy that sent them straight back to Champions League football next season.

Looking down in the packing order where the likes of Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Hull City could not survive the difficulties of being a Premier League employee and went down to the lower league.

Paul Clement just managed to keep up the Swansea that looked set to go down after a disastrous season where managers kept coming in and out.

It has truly been a season to remember and the coming one promises more firecrackers as teams look to bolster their squads for different reasons. Some for want to challenge for the title and others want to survive the drop.


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